Partnet is a trusted software and technology leader for the US Government.

With over 20 years of experience We started in 1992! , Partnet is the company our customers turn to time and again. As the leading provider of comprehensive, flexible, and targeted IT solutions, it is our unique approach and capabilities that set us apart. Simply put, Partnet is one of the Government’s most trusted technology partners.

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Superior Performance

Partnet is a small business with big achievements. In addition to earning CMMI Maturity Level 3 Certification, Partnet consistently receives an Exceptional Past Performance Information Retrieval System rating on its contracts. This is a credit to our mature processes and our commitment to service.

Technology Leader

As a leading provider of comprehensive, flexible, and targeted IT services, it is our unique approach and capabilities that set us apart. In addition to utilizing virtualization and cloud computing, Partnet harnesses the power of a distributed data network to bring scalability and accuracy to the most exacting standards.

Deep Understanding

Partnet offers services supporting Enterprise eCommerce, Java Application Development, System Integration, Oracle Database, IT Security, and more. Partnet also understands the modern commercial marketplace and provides online payment processing and transactional services, and solutions for healthcare, banking, and finance.
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We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Products

From the beginning as a DARPA Research Project to our current role as the primary developer of the largest eCommerce system in the U.S. Government, Partnet prides itself in supporting our customers and their mission.

Before Netscape or Internet Explorer, Partnet developed its own browser to allow engineers to source parts located in remote databases. Partnet obtained a patent for searching distributed databases over the Internet. Today this patent is used by nearly all Internet companies that crawl the web, including Amazon, Yahoo, and Google. It was also in these early days that Partnet pioneered the concept of Internet sourcing,

and remains a trusted provider of comprehensive, flexible and targeted web-based solutions for the U.S. Federal Government, specifically the Department of Defense. The company’s software and technology solutions facilitate secure and reliable communication within the government and between the government and the commercial world; in these contexts, the highest levels of privacy and security are required.
Our Company Mission
For nearly two decades, Partnet has supported defense and civilian agency web-application requirements — serving as a trusted partner and providing the expertise to meet the government’s unique challenges. Partnet also understands the commercial marketplace and continues to provide online payment processing and transactional capabilities in support of industries such as healthcare and banking/finance.
The Partnet Philosophy
As the leading provider of comprehensive, flexible, and targeted Government eCommerce solutions, it is our unique approach and capabilities that set us apart.
The Partnet Promise
Our industry-leading solutions can save time and money, as well as help you better deliver on your agency’s mission.
We Can Deliver On Projects
We design, develop, and operate Government eCommerce applications that enable our customers to drive their requirements — instead of being forced to use a limiting “one-size-fits-all” software package or an expensive, time-consuming custom built application. The result is an overall solution that is on-scale, on-time, and on-budget.

Partnet has technical expertise in developing enterprise systems and applications designed to:

  • Seamlessly integrate
  • Meet the highest security and privacy requirements of DOD
  • Ensure high availability and rapid response
  • Search efficiently against large data sets
  • Require multi-factor authentication and provide comprehensive audit trails


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Partnet built and operates the largest eCommerce System in the United States Government.

We invite you to take advantage of what our extraordinary group can do for you.

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Other areas of expertise include:

  • Technology Services
  • Stakeholder Integrated Services
  • Information Assurance (IA)
    • Certification and Accreditation
    • Technology Assessment
    • Cybersecurity Assessment (CAP)
    • Support for Enterprise
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Lifecycle Program Support
  • Technology Evaluation Support
  • Configuration Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Test and Documentation Support
  • Information Technology (IT) Process Management

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