Some discussion has arisen on Government eCommerce this winter and we are glad to see renewed interest in one of our favorite topics. President Obama’s 2011 Federal Budget states that . . .
“OMB will work with agencies to expand the use of online eMalls for Federal purchases in 2010 and monitor these efforts for further expansion in 2011 and beyond based on lessons learned.”
—2011 FY Budget (Special Topics, Information Technology)
As the primary developer of the DOD EMALL—DOD’s largest online marketplace—we are well aware of the savings potential government ecommerce provides.

Federal Chief Information Officer, Vivek Kundra, recently announced an Federal IT consolidation plan that strongly backs remote or cloud computing; consolidation of 1,100 data centers throughout government; and pushes the use Federal EMALLS for supply acquisition and purchasing.

Partnet had the opportunity to comment on this plan in a article this past January.

Partnet has been supporting Government eCommerce for over 15 years. Further, Partnet’s application of distributed architecture in its systems has made it possible to catalog the 60+ millions items (yes, it really is 60 million, and growing) DOD EMALL offers its DOD, Federal agency, and state government users.

Partnet believes the Federal IT consolidation plan is a step in the right direction, and hopes that its savings potential will lead to expanded use of government eCommerce websites.