Starting from scratch, or upgrading an existing e-Procurement application?

Partnet has over 15 years of experience developing e-Procurement technologies and solutions that help government and commercial enterprises:

  • Streamline requisitioning
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate maverick buying
  • Enforce purchasing rules
  • Leverage agency buying power

Our solutions offer the affordability and convenience of standard “off-the-shelf” products, while delivering the power and freedom of a fully-customized solution. Our expertise spans the entire e-Procurement spectrum — from site administration and login, to payment processing and order settlement.

Partnet’s approach is based on our robust suite of pre-built, pre-tested e-Procurement modules. Each module is fully-interoperable and customizable — capable of being deployed individually, or as a comprehensive e-Procurement platform. This gives our customers the flexibility to select only the components they need, and achieve complete control over how their solutions work and evolve.

Whether you're starting from scratch, or upgrading an existing e-Procurement application, Partnet offers smart, time-tested solutions that deliver.

Site Administration

Partnet’s Site Administration module offers:

  • Advanced user classification, privilege delineation, and hierarchy control.
  • Full-featured administrative tool kits and workflows.
  • Self-service account setup and registration.
  • User-controlled privacy and preference settings.
  • Configuration and notification dashboards.
  • Personalized landing pages and shopping corridors.

Supplier Management

Partnet’s Supplier Management module offers:

  • Automated supplier-enablement workflow.
  • Catalog integration, with distributed self-hosting options.
  • Master Data File (MDF) standardization and catalog classification.
  • Contract boarding and automated pricing controls.

Shopping & Carts

Partnet’s Shopping & Carts module offers:

  • Contextual search refinements and filtering resources.
  • Multi-criteria search indexing.
  • Automated identification of AbilityOne and environmentally-preferable products and services..
  • Bulk-upload power searching.
  • Intuitive shopping cart management and workflow (e.g., Create, Modify, Delete, Save, Send).
  • Automated purchasing rule enforcement.

Order Fulfillment

Partnet’s Order Fulfillment module offers:

  • Intuitive checkout workflow.
  • Automated B2B order processing, supplier requisition, and shipping support.
  • Multiple payment options (Credit Card, Government Fund Code, Long Line of Accounting, Delayed Billing).
  • Order updates and status monitoring.


Partnet’s Reporting module offers:

  • Built-in application reporting.
  • Analysis of multi-dimensional data sets.
  • Customizable metrics to track and analyze business trends.
  • On-report filtering and data parameters.