In my last post, I discussed how DOD EMALL is being used by Performance Based Logistics (PBL) and Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) contractors as a price research tool for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) inventory. Today we are going to discuss how DOD EMALL is being used to purchase that DLA inventory.

DLA pre-positions stock based on demand history and forecasting algorithms. However, due to shifting demand, DLA may incur a surplus. Aviation specialists at DLA Aviation in Richmond, Virginia are actively working with military service contracting officers and encouraging them to allow PBL/CLS contractors to purchase surplus stock from DLA. These specialists are inserting contract clauses giving contractors authority to purchase DLA stock through DOD EMALL using a corporate credit card.

Using DOD EMALL to purchase Government Furnished Materials or Contractor Furnished Materials from DLA inventory gives government agencies both government control and contractor oversight. DLA Center Leads work with Service Contracting officers to create an authorized parts list. HQ DLA coordinates this list with DLA, DOD EMALL and DLA Transaction Services on a monthly basis. Requisitions from authorized contractors are validated to ensure that requisitioned NSNs or DOD managed part numbers are compatible with the list. Defense Transaction Services provides GRM/CFM reports upon request for use by the contracting officer in verifying that quantities ordered are within the contract allowance.

In FY12, over 300 contractors used to DOD EMALL to purchase over $78M in repair parts from DLA. As additional PBL/CLS contracts are written allowing use of the DOD EMALL, more contractors can take advantage of DLA as a best value source of supply.

Partnet, Inc. is proud to be a primary developer on the DOD EMALL.