A few years ago, a Naval Commander arrived in port at Norfolk, VA needing some repair work done on his ship.  It took the Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC) 14 days to arrange for the required services.  The Commander thought this was completely unsatisfactory — why would it take so long to make arrangements for something that takes place on base all the time?

The Commander had a point.  Why did it take so long?  NAVFAC turned to Government eCommerce for a solution.

NAVFAC needed a way to support collaborative eCommerce between the facility manager, vendor, and base financial office. And so,  NAVFAC attempted a pilot buy using DOD EMALL .  Pre-negotiated service contacts were placed on DOD EMALL, so that when the facilities manager needed a repair done, he went online and ordered it.

The vendor received the request, provided the service, and notified the facilities manager.  Then, after inspecting the provided service, the facilities manager went back to DOD EMALL and notified the financial office to pay the vendor.

The result?

Regular services were arranged within 3 days (11 days fewer than the previous standard).  Consequently, NAVFAC has instituted use of DOD EMALL for services in 110 naval bases worldwide.

Another instance where Government eCommerce (specifically, DOD EMALL) has helped save time and taxpayer money.