Partnet Enters the Automated Testing Market with their Open Source Automated Testing Software, SeAuto

Create a robust, browser-based test automation framework with a single command.

SALT LAKE CITY – March 31, 2015

Partnet, Inc. announced today the worldwide release of SeAuto (, a robust, open source software testing tool that integrates Selenium’s browser automation with test frameworks. SeAuto combines the best in pre-built and configuration ease to automate testing on multiple browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux to bring users to the next level in automated testing.

Partnet CEO, Don Brown is pleased with the offering and with the results that they’ve seen thus far.

“Our pre-built Selenium Auto Test Framework can save years of effort by avoiding framework development and costly ‘trial-and-error’ in selecting products and creating tests,” said Brown.

Doug Erickson, Director of Software Development at Partnet agrees, noting that “Partnet developed SeAuto to help our testers focus on creating tests, rather than running the tests.” Erickson added, “SeAuto makes it easy to include browser-based testing in a continuous integration (CI) pipeline and enables developers to run these tests before checking in code; that gives better, faster results. It’s our hope that others will find the same value in this effort to bridge the gap between their favorite test framework and Selenium.”

Customization and Integration

SeAuto was created for software testers looking for a pre-built, automated test tool that’s ready-to-go with little setup required ( Partnet equipped SeAuto to be easily integrated with any CI and with the ability to test on any major browser and operating system.

“SeAuto takes the guesswork and experimentation time out of building a test automation framework, has lower maintenance overhead, and is far more robust than GUI-based, “point-and-click” automation tools,” said Partnet’s Lead Software Test Engineer, Romany Norris. “This software is an ideal solution for companies that are interested in continuous delivery, want to start or improve their web test automation, and don’t want to be forced to start back at square one.”

SeAuto raises the bar for automated testing and delivers the features that software testers want most.

Pricing and Availability

SeAuto is available for download now as an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license on GitHub ( For customers who would like help configuring SeAuto or software testing advice, Partnet offers consulting and consulting packages at affordable rates. Call (801) 581-1118 or complete this brief contact form so we can get in touch with you with more details.

Quick Facts

  • Includes project templates and baseline configurations to help you get your automated test project started.
  • Runs with any Continuous Integration (CI) server using Maven build commands.
  • Incorporates Selenium PageFactory.
  • Eases the initialization of page objects.
  • Screenshot capture of failed tests; easier error tracking.
  • Thread-safe context for testing variables.
  • Includes methods for proper handling of Javascript alerts, page loading, value setting, retrieval of hidden text, and an AJAX listener.
  • Fully integrates Cucumber and JBehave, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) testing frameworks.
  • Fully integrates with JUnit testing framework.

About Partnet

Partnet offers services supporting Enterprise eCommerce, Java Application Development, System Integration, Oracle Database, IT Security, and more. Partnet also understands the modern commercial marketplace. Partnet provides online payment processing and transactional services, and solutions for healthcare, banking, and finance.

Partnet has been both a contributor and supporter of the open source community since the early 1990s. Partnet staff developed and contributed to Quartz, a leading job scheduler, to the open source community. Quartz is used by such companies as Adobe, Cisco, and Oracle. Also, in 2006, Partnet supported DLA in the transition of DOD EMALL to Red Hat Linux and developed a specialized catalog search engine to support one of the world’s largest eCommerce sites. For more information, visit

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