Partnet built and operates the largest Online Marketplace in the Federal Government.

Around the globe, DOD EMALL provides a single-entry point for 80,000 registered users to search and purchase from a virtual catalog of over 26 million items from over 500 suppliers. Partnet’s eCommerce software allows purchasing organizations to quickly build their own highly-scalable Online Marketplace with their suppliers.


Whether you need to build a small marketplace with a few suppliers or a large marketplace with hundreds of suppliers, Partnet has the right solution for you. Our eCommerce Suite software provides the following benefits:

  •  Reduced cost of good and services
  •  Leveraged buying power
  •  Greater convenience for buyers and sellers
  •  Visibility into multiple product sources
  •  Comparison shopping
  •  Data mining, analysis, and reporting
  •  Adapters to pull catalog data from existing supplier storefronts

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Need the convenience of a COTS product, but the power of a custom-built solution?

Partnet eCommerce Suite is a comprehensive, storefront toolkit providing all the functionality needed to build, customize, and operate your eCommerce system. Unlike similar offerings, eCommerce Suite employs a specialized modular design that allows system components to be individually mounted and configured to your specifications.

Consider Partnet eCommerce Suite™

Partnet eCommerce Suite includes pre-built, pre-tested tools for:

  • Requisitioning and approval workflow
  • Order and payment processing
  • Supplier & catalog management (distributed or hosted)
  • Product information management
  • Enterprise integration to ERP, legacy systems, databases, and file-level interfaces
  • Search engines and contextual search refinement
  • Workflow management and job scheduling