Enterprise and System Integration

Automate Your Business Partner Network

Parnet helps government and commercial enterprises break down information silos with flexible integrations that promote interoperability, real-time communication, and automated business processes.

Whether your enterprise needs to interface with a new ERP or CRM system, an Oracle database, or a remote data source, Partnet has vast experience integrating enterprise systems within complex operating and business environments. Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Creating federated integration points for distributed business partner networks
  • Protocol conversion and translation (HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, REST, SOAP and others)
  • Data mapping
  • Migration of legacy interfaces
  • Document translation and transformation
  • Providing integration points to autonomous services where availability is not always guaranteed
  • Data re-delivery, enhancement, prioritization, correction, filtering, and rerouting
  • Orchestrated event handling and processing