Fall is in the air—that time of year where it’s nearly impossible to keep turkey and football far from the mind. This week it is even more apparent as most of America will be enjoying a holiday stuffed with family and friends, good food, and—of course—college football. But did you ever stop to think about how college-level referees get paid? Probably not. I happen to know that there is a really cool software package called GamePaySM that keeps referees in the black.

GamePaySM tracks everything required to pay officials and other independent contractors who work sporting events. Understandably, a lot of game officials work part time and are burdened with a large travel requirement. GamePaySM keeps tabs on when and where officials work, all in a secure, online environment. The software keeps accurate records and allows Conferences to calculate payments as well as pay taxes. Users can review payment history through a reporting function and can view the status of events and payments from anywhere.

Over 34 universities and athletic conferences use GamePaySM to manage their gaming officials including:

American Athletic Conference Ivy League
Atlantic Coast Conference Marshall University
Big 12 Conference Pac-12 Conference
Big South Conference Princeton University
Big Ten Conference Seattle University
Brown University Southeastern Conference
Columbia University Southland Conference
Cornell University Sun Belt Conference
Dartmouth College U.S. Military Academy
Duke University University of Pennsylvania
Florida State University University of North Texas
Harvard University University of Richmond
Yale University

Partnet is proud to have developed and supported the GamePaySM application since its inception in 2003.

GamePaySM: Celebrating 10 years of official payments in gaming.