Partnet built and operates the largest eCommerce system in the Federal Government.

Around the globe, DOD EMALL provides a single-entry point for 80,000 registered users to search and purchase from a virtual catalog of over 50 million items. DOD EMALL is a highly-available system employing sophisticated networking, systems hardware, and software-based clustering to enable redundancy, scaling, and load balancing.


Whether you are building your first eCommerce site or migrating an existing platform to Magento, Partnet can help. Our sites can be designed, built, and refined to provide the following benefits:

  •  Reduced cost of good and services
  •  Leveraged buying power
  •  Greater convenience for buyers and sellers
  •  Visibility into multiple product sources
  •  Comparison shopping
  •  Data mining, analysis, and reporting
  •  Enforcement of Federally-mandated purchasing rules

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Need the convenience of a COTS product, but the power of a custom-built solution?

Partnet eCommerce Suite is a comprehensive, storefront toolkit providing all the functionality needed to build, customize, and operate your eCommerce system. Unlike similar offerings, eCommerce Suite employs a specialized modular design that allows system components to be individually mounted and configured to your specifications.

Consider Partnet eCommerce Suite™

Partnet eCommerce Suite includes pre-built, pre-tested tools for:

  • Requisitioning and approval workflow
  • Order and payment processing
  • Catalog management (distributed or hosted)
  • Enterprise integration to ERP, legacy systems, databases, and file-level interfaces
  • Search engines and contextual search refinement
  • Workflow management and job scheduling