Agencies across the Federal Government are increasing efforts to identify and fix security flaws. These programs are probing both IT Security and Physical security in an attempt to measure the effectiveness of current security measures.

One of the agencies testing the effectiveness of current security measures is the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). A recent article published by the DLA News Center, titled Investigative team uncovers security flaws, details the work performed by members of the DLA Accountability Office. The team scrutinized screening and property pick-up procedures at several DLA Disposition Services facilities. Because the investigation included members of law enforcement, many details of the operation have not been released. However, it was reported that the team was able to identify weaknesses and take corrective actions.

Proactive efforts like this are a good way to ensure the effectiveness of current security measures–and with the success of the investigation–it is likely that similar investigations will be conducted in the coming months.