The Department of Defense gives itself a B in overall use of Small Business in FY2009. As a Small Business Prime Contractor for the DOD, Partnet is proud of our contributions to the DOD and feel that we give the America Taxpayer a good buy for their money. Small businesses frequently operate with lower overhead than large companies, giving a lower overall cost of development for a project. Small businesses are usually juggling fewer projects than their large business counterparts and can give full attention to a project and great customer service.

Shay Assad, director of defense procurement and acquisition policy, the final speaker during the two-day 2010 DLA Enterprise Supplier Conference and Exhibition, held in Columbus, Ohio, Aug 24-25, commented that the Defense Logistics Agency and its industrial partners must improve buying power and create more value for warfighters and taxpayers. He said, “What we’re looking to do is partner with industry to find ways to become more efficient.”

One of the ways that the DOD can achieve this goal is to increase the use of small businesses. The amount of business going to small businesses should also increase in the coming year, Assad said. The current Defense Department goal for small business partnerships is 23 percent, but currently stands at about 19 percent. Out of $400 billion spent by the department on supplies and services, about $12 billion is going toward small businesses.

DLA recently honored small businesses with a number of awards at their DLA Supplier’s Conference. Though we didn’t win an award this year, we had the honor of attending the awards ceremony and supporting our fellow small businesses.  We know we give great service and value to our customers and who knows – there is always next year.