The DOD EMALL Program Office at the Defense Logistics Agency Headquarters recently sent a survey to customers asking the impact to their mission if DOD EMALL were no longer available. The application received high praise from the users. Here are just a few of their responses.

DLA Land and Maritime

“If we were to lose access to DOD EMALL Tire corridor, it would have a significant negative effect. Currently we use the website to validate NSN’s sources of supply for all DOD buyers and we provide our customers with validated spec sheets that they can use to verify the accuracy of the product they have received. There is no other database that will give me this ability. I am in that database every day reviewing, updating or retrieving data for a customer or a buyer. This section of the DOD EMALL has allowed other organization (TARDEC/TACOM) to easily assist with research and identify inconstancies with the data so that I can properly maintain the NSN’s through the cataloging actions. This is the best way for all organizations to see the same information on one system.”


“It would make a big impact, I support 26 offices, so it would slow down our supply for the DLA offices I support.”

Magellan Aerospace

As a broad stroke perspective from Procurement, lead time would be the greatest impact to our delivery schedule. The material purchased through DOD EMALL is not readily available on the open market or the OEM in most instances. GEAE is our main repair line, lead times ranging up to 725 days.”

USAF AFMC – Robins Air Force Base

“EMALL is very important to us at the F-15 SPO. We have a contract with Korean Air Lines (KAL) to complete the Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) on the USAF F-15s stationed at Kadena AS, Okinawa, Japan. KAL has the responsibility of obtaining approximately $300k per aircraft of contractor furnished material (CFM) which is managed by DLA. We, the F-15 SPO, use DOD EMALL to assist KAL in obtaining assets needed when they are having problems, especially “Hot Items”, items if not received could delay the PDM process. Without EMALL, the F-15 SPO would not have visibility of KAL’s requisitions or asset availability. This would limit our ability to assist KAL in obtaining needed assets greatly, especially due to the 13 hour time difference from WRALC to Korea. We submit SARs when necessary and receive notices when KAL has submitted a SAR. We use the notes section when there are zero assets availability to get information concerning contract issues and delivery issues. To sum it up, if EMALL went away, the USAF F-15 PDM Program at KAL would suffer tremendously. “

Partnet is the the principle developer of the DOD EMALL, and as such it is nice to know that our hard work is appreciated. The DOD EMALL is available for use by DOD and Federal Agency employees, PBL/CLS contractors and State and Local governments. Have you tried DOD EMALL yet?