Shortly after the first web search engine appeared in 1993, Partnet began investigating the use of the Internet to help engineers locate parts they needed for designs. The results of this investigation were the basis for the most valuable single software patent in history. Partnet sold the patent but Partnet SearchExec™, under agreement with the license holder, is immune from intellectual property infringement for this patent (US Patent #6094649) which states how search engines may interact with databases. Partnet was granted such rights due to it being the original patent holder.

Today, Partnet is the primary contractor on DOD EMALL and we have become experts in the field of Information Retrieval (IR). DOD EMALL has at times contained nearly 70 million government and commercial items. In an effort to find a search engine capable of efficiently indexing and searching such a large volume of data, Partnet evaluated nearly every major search engine. In the end, none of these search engines was capable of satisfying the high-volume demands of DOD EMALL. This led Partnet to develop SearchExec™—a high-performance search engine designed to quickly search large data sets to identify and retrieve both unique government data elements and commercial content and present them in a unified view to the user. Partnet’s Distributed Internet Commerce™ technology enables SearchExec™ to simultaneously search multiple remote catalog databases and return the search results (including price and availability) in real-time to the customer.