Agile Delivery Services

Increase value. Streamline delivery. Accelerate results.

Partnet is a CMMI Level 3 organization that employs mature Agile development methodologies to shorten the software delivery cycle, optimize productivity, and deliver more value with less risk and upfront investment. Our Agile Delivery services are carefully modeled to provide a flexible and scalable development pipeline ready to meet the demands of any size project. This includes managed support for:

  • Requirements definition
  • Solution design
  • Software development
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated software testing
  • Automated orchestrated deployments

Our Agile Delivery services produce better software faster–primarily because of our commitment to client communication. This means engaging our customers throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and inviting them to participate as active stakeholders—from product discovery to deployment. Promoting this sense of ongoing collaboration and partnership helps us to build a foundation of trust with our customers, while ensuring their requirements are thoroughly identified and carefully managed throughout the SDLC.

Benefits of Agile Delivery with Partnet:

  • Software is developed and deployed faster
  • Manage and quickly reduce large product backlogs
  • Active continuous feedback throughout the SDLC
  • Incremental, evolutionary software delivery—assume less upfront risk
  • React and respond quickly to shifting priorities or market factors
  • Continuous communication and client engagement