DOD EMALL is the one-stop shopping, enterprise-wide eCommerce site for the Department of Defense. The eCommerce site supports over 30 Million SKUs and has 40,000 active users, but that’s just scratching the surface. While DOD EMALL can be used to purchase everything from office supplies to weapon system parts, there are a number of other useful features that you might not be aware of within DOD EMALL.

  1. DOD EMALL supports contracts from all the military services, the Department of Homeland Security, Defense Commissary Agency (DECA), GSA and as well as the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Any Federal agency with an IDIQ or BPA contract can place it on DOD EMALL. At this time, there is no charge for this service. This is an excellent opportunity for smaller agencies to have their own eCommerce site without the investment.
  2. DOD EMALL makes it easy to support a large group of people with their acquisition needs. If your office has a single purchase cardholder and many personnel with purchasing needs but not purchasing power, DOD EMALL can help you support your staff. Agency personnel can register with DOD EMALL as a Shopper. Shoppers have the ability to complete all their shopping, but not the ability to purchase. Staff members without purchasing power can still build a virtual cart filled with the items that they want, but instead of completing the order, these Shoppers simply send their virtual cart to the office purchase cardholder. The purchase cardholder has the ability to merge multiple shopping carts together to consolidate buys while still retaining the individual details of the orders. This way, when the order comes in, they can easily sort out who ordered what. This is an incredibly convenient way to support an entire office.
  3. Naval Facilities Command installation managers can order facilities maintenance services like trash collection, lawn mowing and minor repairs using the DOD EMALL. This service has reduced average service times from two weeks to 3 days.
  4. Defense Logistics Agency customers can track the status of all their DLA orders using the DLA orders portion of DOD EMALL. What’s truly great about this feature is that all of the orders are there whether the item was ordered using DOD EMALL or not.
  5. The DOD EMALL is not just for military service personnel. State government can order using DOD EMALL under the 1122 program. This program allows state government to purchase items from the Department of Defense to support drug enforcement operations. At this time over 30 states are registered to purchase on DOD EMALL.
  6. Contractors who have a Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) or Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contract can ask their contracting officer if they can purchase items directly from the DLA using the DOD EMALL. Due to their tremendous buying power, DLA often has repair parts available at lower prices than the PBL/CLS contractor can find. This is true for both Government-furnished materials and Contractor-furnished materials. PBL/CLS contractors can be given the authority to use the DOD EMALL in support of their contracts.

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