Contracting Entry Requirements: Is it Time to Reconsider?

I was all in favor of the Acquisition Corps and DAWIA back in the 1990s and I still am. One thing the draftsmen of DAWIA proposed that did not get incorporated into the program was a salary bump similar to what other professional series like engineers and lawyers get. Even though there are education requirements to get hired as an 1102 and continuing education requirements (that might actually start to get enforced), Contract Management is not considered “professional enough” to warrant extra pay. So to get in, you have to meet the DAWIA career field minimum education requirements whereas the Loggies will hire you without them – and either career field will pay you exactly the same.

Utah Getting Act Together on Healthcare IT Security

Healthcare IT security has been a sensitive subject for the past 12 months in Utah’s health care community with two major healthcare security breaches.

4 eCommerce Content Do’s

Consider four things about your eCommerce catalog content: richness, quantity, its value as an asset and using a data standard.